Ripple Effect

Mother Teresa… a drop in the ocean
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“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.  But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”  -Mother Teresa

Have you ever heard of the “RIPPLE EFFECT?”

Wikipedia defines it as, “A situation where, like the ever-expanding ripples across water when an object is dropped into it, an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally.”

When you become aware of how the “Ripple Effect” works, suddenly you start to notice it everywhere.  When you become aware, you notice even more, and even more.  I want to share a story that transpired in a very short duration of time that clearly demonstrates the “Ripple Effect.”   We are just like a drop of water in the ocean creating ripples throughout the world.  What type of ripple are you spreading?

Standing in the change line at an arcade, I overheard a conversation between siblings and their mother.  The likely oldest, gently replied, “I know I will get less coins, but it is OK.”   The topic of conversation slowly changed.  The young boy, seemed so humble and kind and was content with his situation.

As soon as I obtained my change, a sudden feeling came across me.  I thought to myself, “Should I say something, or just go on my way?”

I decided to tell this young boy my thoughts, as his demeanor in this situation really impressed me.

I quickly, turned toward the young boy and started a short conversation.

“You know, the Universe is an amazing place.  What I have seen in life is that everything seems to balance out, kind of equalizes.  You are such a kind boy, I’m sure very good things will come to you in your life.”

With love in my heart, I handed him $1 and he seemed very appreciative.  We both walked away.

We went about our business, having a blast, and spending all of our change on arcade games.

I was absolutely dying of thirst and only had $1 left (water cost $2).

I asked my son if he could go find my husband to get another dollar.  Within a flash of time, a young lady hands me $1.  I was shocked, amazed and very thankful.

Just at the same time, my daughter came to me crying.  She was crying because she was unable to earn enough points to buy a special toy that she had her eye on.

My heart broke in half as she rarely cries for something like this.  She is usually very upbeat and extremely appreciative of everything in her life.   She quickly calmed down but remained very sad when she realized that there was nothing else we could do to get more points, specifically because we were out of cash.

We approached the booth to turn in her small amount of points and to redeem a toy, but not the toy she had her eyes on.

Suddenly, the young boy noticed the situation that was going on with my daughter.  To my amazement, he walked over to her and handed her his receipt with all of his points.  His receipt had much more value than the $1 I had given him earlier.  With this gift, my daughter was able to get the toy she valued due to the genuine kindness of this young boy.

As we walked out of the arcade, I notice that my daughter had a green hair clip in her hair.  I asked her, “Where did you get that from?”  Can you guess?  The young boy had given it to her as well!

As I reflected on these events, I clearly realized the true essence of the “Ripple Effect.”  It happens everyday, everywhere.  We are connected in ways we probably will never understand, but the connections are there.

I know for a fact, the more one gives (with genuine sincerity) the more the Universe gives back.  The bigger the outward flow, the  bigger the”Ripple Effect” transcending time to exactly where it is needed most.  Sometimes the energy goes to someone else in need and sometimes the energy comes directly back to us.  The timing we never know.

You see, this is how we are interconnected.  We need each other.  The magic about the “Ripple Effect” is that we never know who will receive the energy produced by the ripple, but the Universe knows exactly where the energy needs to go!  Always remember, that the effect must be started by us, then let to magic happen!

Start a “Ripple Effect” today!

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